Thursday, February 14, 2008

High Performance SSH/SCP - HPN-SSH

This looks very impressive

Monday, July 09, 2007

anything or whatever

So now that we have Anything and Whatever selling in Singapore. This is really great.

The other day when my wife asked me to buy some soft drinks as she felt like having some. And so, being the good husband I am, I asked her what she like.

Yes, you must have had the same good old true blue Singaporean's answer
* Anything
* Whatever.

hehe .. guess what I bought back home ..

I read on the paper that the drinks sold much better then it was expected Today. And that the inventor is expected to comes up with newer version. So what might the name of the new breverages would be call?

Of cos you know the answer lar, if not you are not a singaporean lor.

Anything Lar
Whatever Lor

really no kidding! How many times have you said "Anything Lar" and "Whatever Lor". And of coourse, it's against the Singlish grammatical rule not to use Anything with Lar and Whatever with Lor.

so stay tune for Anything Lar and Whatever lor.


Thursday, February 15, 2007


ok , it has been busy, really busy. hasn't been putting in effort to blog. so I am ...

i think it's good a thing to blog something, at least months (or years) down the road, I can recap on what has been.

ok .. the free macbook that I had, it fall onto the floor just less then 2 months I had it ...

dun ask me what happened, it just happened.

the screen doesn't show anything any more. but i am still able to ssh in when it dhcp it's IP.

sent in to apple to ask for repair, as I thought it is still under warranty. but now. they say it's not within scope for apple first year warranty.

managed to rsync my files and back it up on my linux host.. still waiting till I can afford to get a new mac.

chinese new year is round the corner, i took a 2 weeks leave, starting today.

i hope it can be a real resting period. I haven't rested for a long while.

the 2 period when I was out of office last year, it was because for
1) my new born
2) perform my nation commitment, NS duties.

it would be really nice to have a break, away from work. since it seems to be more political in office nowadays. since the inception of ranks.

still miss the old company, where everyone is equal, in term of office social status. everyone is more friendly then.

the inception of rank? well, it does not do well to everyone. direct match to previous job profile? well, i dunno. the way i look at it, it seems like there are some mismatched.

well for me, i don't give a damm about ranks and profile. it's abt the skillsets. Like my OReilly mug, which says "It's not who you are, it about who has the best code"

I will work harder this year, as like all previous years.

Current Interests in :
* virtulisation - solaris zones vs vmware esx
* rapid delivery of build servers - new sets of scripts

Friday, November 24, 2006

2 is better then 1 ?

DBS Bank have just introduced 2 factors authentication using SecureID tokens together with existing login PIN.

This, I like very much, as it provides a much secured internet banking experiences.

However, something which I noticed different from the regular RSA secured ID tokens which I am more accustomed to, is that I do not need to key in 4 digits before the random token displayed 6 digits PIN.

Also, I do not like the way the login forms are being designed and implemented. One have to log in via the regular login window, using login ID, login PIN. And once authenticated, the token PIN login page will be displayed.

The token PIN fields could have and should be integrated into the initial login page, providing user with 3 fields to fill in. This way, one could access the iBank application as it was after the authentications. I am sure this is faster, and makes users happier. The back end authentications should be as transparent to users as it was before today eh ?

On another thoughts on authentications when I was reading some discussion on DBS's token solution why can't we have a single-sign-on solution in Singapore itself as it is so small ?

Could singpass be open up sets of API for commercial users to makes of it's authentication services? PKI that is.

I am sure it will rocks the world ...

PS: you can say that I am a dreamer ..

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gigantic bug found at rural Germany

Check this out, a link passed on by some friends.

It seems like the satellite pics on Google Map is bugged. is this the Y2K bug that everyone was talking about?

Some speculated that they take a print of the photo and scan it in and the bug was sitting on the contact sheet when the scan was taking place. If not, we are really looking at a serious bug problem.
Bring out the DDT !

Monday, September 04, 2006

life just sucks

Life just sucks. yes it does.

my ex-isp decided to suspend my cable access cos i miss payment for 1 month. yes. 1 month. Cos babyluke was hospitalized for a couple of days and whole life turn upside down. I haven't got time to keep tracks of bills.

so they suspend it.

and i terminate the server with them.

looking at alternativ isp, i found one, which is supposing to be the largest telco in town, with a pretty attractive deal.

i sign up for it.

and guess what? 2 days after i've got my adsl connection up. them came up with a promotion deals that gives away a brand new mac book (THE ONE THAT I WANTED SO BADLY TO REPLACE MY DYING eMAC).

aggrhh .. life just sucks!